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Boasting a unique combination of enterprise features, including asset discovery, accurate scanning, automatic verification with Proof-Based Scanning™, SDLC integration, and extensive collaboration support, Netsparker was designed with automation in mind for enterprise-class scalability. As a leading authorised Canadian partner for Netsparker, Net-Wall can help you get secure.

Netsparker Distributor in Montreal

Key Features

Dead Accurate

Netsparker’s cutting-edge Proof-Based Scanning™ technology automatically exploits identified vulnerabilities to prove that they are real and not false positives.

Independent benchmark results have also shown that Netsparker can detect more vulnerabilities than competitive products.

Scalable and Agile

Your security team no longer needs to spend countless hours configuring the scanner and verifying results.

With our pre- and post-scan automation, you can quickly and seamlessly add and scan new websites and applications.

Netsparker can scan thousands of web applications and generate accurate, actionable results in a matter of hours.

Full Visibility

In a large enterprise, knowing your web assets is the first step to ensuring security.

Use Netsparker’s asset discovery service to locate all the websites, applications, services, and APIs that need to be scanned.

With the Technologies feature, you can also find and list the technologies used in web applications, identify out-of-date versions, & track technology update status.

Integration and Automation

The REST API allows you to easily integrate automated web vulnerability scanning at all stages of the SDLC.

Netsparker also has out-of-the-box integration support for issue tracking systems such as JIRA and Gitlab, so discovered vulnerabilities are automatically posted on your issue tracking system.

Instant Alerts

Configure alerts to get instant notifications about vulnerabilities detected in your mission-critical web applications.

Netsparker can send email and SMS notifications, and integrates with many popular issue tracking systems to suit the way you work.

Collaboration and Efficiency

Netsparker Enterprise is a multi-user environment that can provide all stakeholders with full visibility of the current web application security status.

By involving everyone from C-suite management to the technical teams, you can reduce the bureaucracy that hinders the development & implementation of security fixes in large organizations

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