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Discover and block advanced encrypted threats hidden in ssl/tls traffic with the thunder ssli and metadefender joint solution.

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• Gain full visibility into encrypted traffic to uncover hidden attacks
• Improve threat detection accuracy to almost 100% using multi-scanning
• Eliminate embedded threats with content disarm and reconstruction (CDR)
• Increase ROI by augmenting your entire security infrastructure and reducing downtime
• Deploy and manage easily with access to real-time actionable insights

A10 Networks and OPSWAT offer a comprehensive network security solution that discovers and blocks malicious
attacks hidden in encrypted traffic. A10 Thunder® SSLi® (SSL Insight®) decrypts SSL-encrypted traffic across all TCP ports, enabling the OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server to apply multi-scanning, data sanitization with content disarm & reconstruction (CDR), and data loss prevention (DLP) to the clear-text traffic.


Fast and Reliable Decryption

Dedicated SSL processors provide the most cost-effective way of delivering enterprise-wide SSL decryption to security devices — without the 90% performance hit.

Versatile Enterprise Security

Arming your entire security infrastructure for the evolving cyber threat landscape. A dedicated decryption device augments your entire existing security stack to ensure peak performance and security efficacy.

Load Balancing Across Multiple Firewalls To Scale

Firewall load balancing helps scale your security infrastructure, enabling you to add more firewalls in parallel and sending bigger volumes of traffic through them collectively.

Scale Your Costly Perimeter Firewalls, Don’t Buy More

If internet traffic was not encrypted, you would get 100% throughput. However, with 85% of the internet in North America encrypted, you will need 10x firewalls to get the same throughput.

NSS Labs says typical NGFWs experience up to 90% performance degradation with decryption. Which means if a firewall does 18 Gbps of throughput pre-decryption, you will need 10 firewalls to match the originally “promised” performance of 18 Gbps…that is if we assume no load balancers are used.

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