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GEARS is a network security management platform for IT and 3 Infected Devicessecurity professionals that provides advanced threat detection and compliance enforcement, as well as visibility over all types of endpoint applications from antivirus to hard disk encryption and public file sharing. To watch a video tour through some of the main features of GEARS, click the image to the right.


 Advanced Threat Detection for Remote Users and Managed Devices

GEARS provides unique advanced threat detection capabilities to give administrators increased reassurance of device health. GEARS utilizes OPSWAT’s Metascan® Online technology to enable advanced threat detection on both devices in the network and remote devices. By using as many as 40 commercial anti-malware engines from vendors like ESET, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, F-Secure, and others, GEARS can help you identify threats that were not detected by the installed antivirus software. And, by scanning only running processes, GEARS provides a quick scan that can be used efficiently on remote devices prior to authentication or network access.

For devices in the network, GEARS also utilizes the threat logs of the installed antivirus software to determine whether threats are recurring, indicating that they cannot be remediated or that the user is repeatedly downloading a malicious file.

 Advanced Compliance

GEARS enables visibility and control over applications installed on the devices in the network, allowing administrators to quickly identify and remediate compliance issues for:

 Protection applications, including antivirus, hard disk encryption, antiphishing, firewall and more 

 Unwanted applications, including public file sharing

 Device system status, including whether the system is password protected

 Simple Integration to SSL VPN and NAC

GEARS can be easily integrated to other solutions such as VPN Gateways, software applications, SSO solutions and others to take actions based on the compliance status of a device monitored and managed by GEARS. All of the attributes of the GEARS platform are available via our RESTful APIs, enabling users to define what outcomes are important and use the output to enable endpoint device management. Learn more about the benefits and steps by contacting your Net-Wall representative at 888-696-3892 FREE ext.710.

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