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OPSWAT Metascan

Metascan is a server application with a local and network programming interface that enables customers to detect and prevent advanced threats by incorporating multi-scanning, data sanitization technology, and controlled data workflows. Metascan packages can be delivered with a variety of fully incorporated and licensed anti-malware engines to deliver fast, scalable, and reliable content scanning to protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware. The highly flexible APIs provide the customer with numerous programming options for integrating Metascan into existing or custom build security systems.

By using many anti-malware engines from vendors like ESET, AVG, Microsoft, Bitdefender, Symantec, F-Secure, Kaspersky, and McAfee, Metascan technology increases zero hour detection rates for all types of malware without the hassle of licensing, modifying, and maintaining multiple anti-malware engines. All engines integrated into Metascan products are optimized to scan simultaneously for fast, high-performance scanning.


How Metascan works

OPSWAT Metascan- Scanning Process


How Metascan Works with anti-malware API and anti-malware SDKsolutions

Metascan has multiple anti-malware scanning engines embedded within its framework at the API level. This means that scanning operations are executed with a high level of performance, which cannot be achieved by simply passing files to separate command-line or GUI based versions of anti-malware products. Anyone looking to integrate with an anti-malware solution such as McAfee or Symantec via API or SDK will find Metascan to be an ideal security solution. See the use cases for a range of anti-malware API solutions that can be created with Metascan.

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