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Metascan Online enables IT professionals to seamlessly integrate cloud-based multi-scanning technology into their own network solution.

Powered by OPSWAT's Metascan technology, Metascan Online is a free online scanner that scans files for malware using more than 40 commercial antivirus engines from leading security vendors such as Kaspersky, McAfee, AVG, Avira and many others. The Metascan Online API allows users to programmatically upload and scan files or to search for previous scan results using a file's hash (MD5, SHA1 or SHA256). By utilizing the hash lookup functionality, users can easily see if the file has previously been scanned by Metascan Online and get the scan results without sending the file over the Internet to be scanned.

Please download the Metascan Online brochure for additional information.

 Use Cases

 Licensing Options for Metascan Online 

Metascan Online IT professionals can access the Metascan Online API for free by registering for an OPSWAT Portal account and obtaining a license key at To raise your hourly limits for file uploads or hash look-ups, contact our sales team at 1-888-696-3892 FREE ext.710.


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