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With the uptake of cloud computing and advancements in browser technology, web applications have become a core component of business processes, and a lucrative target for hackers. Organizations must make web application security a fundamental requirement. Enter Invicti Vulnerability Scanner.

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Opswat Distributor in Montreal

The most advanced Threat Detection and Prevention Platform, trusted by Over 1,000 Organizations
Metadefender leverages 100+ anti-malware, data sanitization, vulnerability, and other security engines for the best protection against known and unknown threats.

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Portnox Distributor in Montreal

Network Access Control. Simplified.
Gain visibility and control over network access for every user, every device, everywhere!

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Probely logo

Probely’s web application and API vulnerability scanner scans and exposes vulnerabilities, and provides a report of the findings with detailed instructions on how to fix them.

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A10 Distributor in Montreal

Advanced threat prevention with A10 networks and OPSWAT.

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AirLock Distributor in Montreal

Airlock Digital has been purpose-built to perform application whitelisting at scale, making whitelisting simple in complex and changing enterprise environments.

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Kiteworks formerly Accellion logo

The Kiteworks enterprise content firewall prevents data breaches and compliance violations from 3rd party communication, empowering professionals from every walk of life to do their jobs efficiently- without putting their organization at risk.

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Kiteworks formerly Accellion logo

Make your technology investments smarter and establish a more efficient SOC team by centralizing your intelligence and automating your processes.

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Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests provide customers with a solid understanding of their susceptibility to intrusion, while our internal vulnerability assessments address the insider threat, by checking on patch management, system configuration, and hardening.

Every business has its weak points, and every operating environment has vulnerabilities.

Do you know which areas require your immediate attention at this very moment? Are you able to display due diligence to auditors, regulators, customers, and shareholders?

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services help you manage risk and improve your overall security posture while maximizing business results.

Our team of experts leverages proven tools and methodologies to perform internal and external vulnerability assessments ranging from a single system to your entire enterprise, from a non-intrusive compliance scan to a full-scale penetration test.

Net-Wall Internet Security in Montreal
Net-Wall Internet Security in Montreal

Web Application Assessments

Our solution is capable of detecting the full spectrum of web application vulnerabilities in both commercial and in-house applications across a range of operating systems and web application platforms.

Web applications are a leading source of vulnerabilities in information systems. As more applications move to the web, the volume and sophistication of attacks continue to escalate as criminals seek to steal, modify or destroy underlying data.

Our experts are equipped with the best tools, methodologies and training, enabling them to perform in-depth assessments of web applications. Our team is capable of detecting the full spectrum of web application vulnerabilities in both commercial and in-house applications across a range of operating systems and web application platforms.

Our reports go far beyond technical details by providing insight into trends and root causes to assist your organization in meeting your compliance and security goals. We help clients to understand their current level of risk, prioritize remediation efforts, and make effective short and long-term risk management decisions.

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