The Most Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention Platform for Critical Infrastructure

OPSWAT combines next-generation Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology, its cutting-edge Vulnerability Engine, and multi-scanning with over 30 anti-malware engines in its Metadefender suite of products, and its OESIS Framework endpoint security SDK has helped secure over 200 million endpoints.

Opswat Distributor in Montreal

OPSWAT provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in San Fransico, OPSWAT has delivered solutions and technologies that protect organizations from threats and secure digital data throughout the world.

OPSWAT’s main products are Metadefender and its various deployment packages, and MetaAccess (formally known as OESIS Framework), an SDK for developing cybersecurity solutions. OPSWAT is the only company that combines next-generation data sanitization (CDR – content disarm and reconstruction), an effective Vulnerability Engine, and multi-scanning with over 30 anti-malware engines into one product

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Opswat Distributor in Montreal

Vulnerabilities pose a major security risk.

Attackers often try to exploit application vulnerabilities before patches are applied. Security administrators need to be able to make quick decisions about what files or data should be allowed into the network but often lack the ability to detect vulnerabilities. With a database of over 1 million vulnerable binaries, the Metadefender Core Vulnerability Engine can detect vulnerabilities in almost any application.

OPSWAT’s Vulnerability Engine checks files, data, and applications against a database covering over 15,000 different applications and versions.

Opswat Metadefender
Opswat Distributor in Montreal
Opswat MetaAccess

OPSWAT MetaAccess (formerly Metadefender Endpoint Management) is a cloud based access control solution that helps organizations enforce endpoint compliance and prevent contamination of cloud applications by blocking potentially compromised or non-compliant devices from accessing SaaS applications.

Using OPSWAT’s granular policy based access control, administrators and compliance managers can now ensure that the right devices get access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons. OPSWAT Meta Access.

Free Tools from OPSWAT

OPSWAT’s line of free tools is built using their SDKs. They provide an easy way to demo the technology and to optimize and assess the health of your computer. OPSWAT’s free tools help home users and small businesses secure and manage their computers.

OPSWAT Free tools

OPSWAT’s main products are Metadefender core and its various deployment packages, and Meta Access.

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