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Acunetix website vulnerability scanner has become the tool of choice for Government, Military, Educational, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, and E-Commerce sectors, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Acunetix v12: More Comprehensive, More Accurate and now 2X Faster

Acunetix is the preferred Web Vulnerability Scanner used by Fortune 500 companies and widely recognized to include the most advanced SQL injection and black box XSS technology.

It automatically crawls your websites and performs hacking techniques (both black boxes and gray boxes) that helps identify dangerous vulnerabilities that can compromise sites and valuable data.

Acunetix can test more than 4500 Web vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, XSS, XX, SSRF, Host Header Injection amongst others. It has the most advanced scanning techniques for generating the least possible false positives. With the integrated vulnerability management, it helps you prioritize and manage vulnerability resolution.


  • In depth crawl and analysis – automatically scans all websites
  • Highest detection rate of vulnerabilities with low false positives
  • Integrated vulnerability management – prioritize & control threats
  • Integration with popular WAFs and Issue Trackers
  • Free network security scanning and Manual Testing tools
  • Available on premise and online

Vulnerability Scanner

In-Depth Crawl and Analysis

Highest Detection Rate

Lowest False Positives

What’s new in Acunetix v12

  • Scan speed of up to 2X faster
  • Support for latest JavaScript technologies (ES7)
  • New AcuSensor for Java web applications
  • Pause and Resume scan functionality
  • Exclusion of specific paths in the site’s structure directly from the UI
  • The inclusion of Password Policy features

Vulnerability Management

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

Network Security

Advanced Features

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Acunetix is available on premise and online.

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